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The Henderson Collection of Charlotte, North Carolina

...has served as a renowned member of the jewelry industry since 1990, offering upscale and emerging retailers an exclusive collection of beautiful pieces crafted with diamonds and fine gold. Created with the end-user's versatile lifestyle in mind, the fashionable designs merge old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology to offer impeccably constructed necklaces, bracelets and rings as well as hand-wrought and electro-form earrings.

Lecil Henderson, the company's founder, provides extraordinary customer service, offering a level of scholarship and confidence to his clients that is unmatched. The Henderson Collection is built on a principal of contrast, as it is designed to be contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet suitable for everyday wear. Each piece carries a lifetime guarantee and is functional, practical, durable and stylish. Most importantly, because the jewelry is crafted by hand, clients are able to customize every aspect to fit their needs, including the length, width, shape and color of their selections. Choose ever popular hand-Florentine finish, satin or matte finish or the option of a high polish finish.

A longer necklace featuring pink diamonds might dazzle one client, while another may desire a choker-length piece in black gold with white stones.

The Collection

Henderson's "Venetian Collection" has achieved international success and marks a monumental triumph in Henderson's history. The pieces showcase brilliant diamonds and gemstones set in satin, polished or matte gold and adorned with 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Each is masterfully-designed in a style boasting clean lines and easy symmetry, creating an impressive and sophisticated look. The BLACK GOLD pieces in the collection are extraordinarily popular, especially stunning and unique to the industry.

New in 2009 is our exclusive "Cobalt Blue Venetian Collection" which has already received "rave reviews", and is unique to the industry as well.

Extraordinary Customer Care and Partnership Program

The Henderson Collection is unique to other manufacturers in a number of ways. Not only are the luxurious choices highly sellable due to their optimization of form and function, but the company also offers a cutting edge PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. Client partners are able to order the most appropriate items for their store's demographic audience while receiving thorough training on how to brand and market the products that they have selected. The company offers dollar-for-stock balancing, complete in-case displays, custom-made Duratrans, print and broadcast cooperative advertising, a full range of direct marketing materials, digital images of the collection for client's brochures and catalogs.

In-store designer events

Lecil Henderson personally visits client's stores for exclusive designer events rather than rely on regional sales representatives. In this way, he is able to better nurture his clients and in turn, cater to their best customers! In order to minimize inventory aging and ease client concerns, the Henderson Collection arranges for the automatic replacement of sold items and allows for exchanges if a particular style is not the best match for the store. As a result of this supportive and holistic approach, the rate of success for the collection and the store is greatly increased.

Lecil Henderson founded his company with the primary objective of offering distinctive, artistic and unique jewelry via unsurpassed customer service. During high-school and college, Lecil studied under his father, an account executive for a successful jewelry design firm. Following graduation, he joined the company full-time and successfully created an Italian import division. Soon he ventured to Europe to study under master artisans and expand his experience. During his time abroad, he worked diligently, immersing himself in every aspect of the industry while developing a business plan to start his own firm. Today, the Henderson Collection has grown to not only craft extraordinary and memorable jewelry lines for the modern woman but to also construct custom creations for their clients.

The Henderson Collection is affiliated with several professional organizations, including the Jeweler's Security Alliance, the 24K Club/Southern California, Jewelers Board and the California, New York, North Carolina and Oklahoma Jeweler's Associations. Lecil Henderson was also an original co-founder and board member of Luxury. The Henderson Collection regularly contributes to the Jeweler's Children Association and was one of the first American Gem Society registered suppliers.

Lecil Henderson enjoys playing a part in his community. He has served as president of Leadership Charlotte, the Historic Properties Commission and Charlotte Trolley, Inc. and serves as a volunteer at the Room at the INN and on the Wake Forest Alumni Association. A proud father of three children, he has coached soccer and little league teams to victory and has encouraged his children to enjoy traveling and the outdoors as much as he enjoys golf, snow skiing, tennis, camping, hiking and white water rafting.

For more information please call us at 800-605-3035 to e-mail us. We look forward to establishing a relationship with you.


What our customers have to say...

Lecil Henderson, of Henderson Designs, creates many of the most unique products in the jewelry industry. His bracelets, whether Venetian or Firenze, offer unique upscale elegant styling that are easy to wear with jeans or to a black tie gala.
Lecil never ceases to surprise my customers. Many come back year after year to build their collection of his classic and/or on of a kind pieces.
Elva Valentine - Valentines, Dallas, PA

Never before has a line of jewelry been so successful, SO QUICKLY! Lecil has done what every designer should do..make what the people want. Clients are thrilled with not only the attractiveness of the Henderson Collection, but the ease in wearing the Henderson Collection. No more clasps to struggle with on bracelets, no low hanging earrings and the ringsthe rings are terrific especially when you need little more room. Beauty and wear ability - a wonderful combination!
Lynette M.J. Miller & Co., Barrington, IL

Hi, Lecil!!!!! I just wanted to let you know that I wore my new jewelry out in public for the first time this past weekend and it got RAVE reviews!!! More surprisingly, I loved it even more when I put it on this weekend than I did before!! It is SOOOOOOO great! I'm so happy I bought the set!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Tracey, Connecticut

Retailers are often confronted by the eternal customer statement my wife has everything. So what can we show the husband of this very lucky lady? The Henderson Collection combines unique design with a fashion for daily wear. Our gold business has grown to new levels with the introduction of the Henderson Venetian bracelets. Clearly a step ahead of the competition with designs that will attract a life-long collector.
Jeff Roseman ~ David Harvey Jewelers, Darien, CT

Lecil and the HENDERSON COLLECTION are the best designer/manufacturing team any retailer could ever hope to have as a partner. Their innovative designs and comprehensive INSTORE Marketing Program are noting short of amazing. They have helped us grow our market share with important customers in our community and greatly assisted our bottom line. I strongly suggest that when you consider adding a new line that you look closely at The HENDERSON COLLECTION.
Paul Brockhaus ~ Simpson-Brockhaus, Edmond, OK

Lecil's new purple gold is totally cool and sooooo L.A. Perfect Lakers colors of purple and gold!! Also fabulous for anyone looking for a totally unique "gold experience"!
David Friedman, President ~ Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers, Los Angeles, CA

"Beauty is a natural superiority." - Plato
The Venetian Collection personifies this quote.
Rejena Carreras ~ Carreras Ltd., Richmond, VA


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